What was the vision behind 24 Hour Health?

We wanted a product that would improve our bodies, our lifestyles, and our overall wellness; and frankly, it wasn’t available. So, we went out, and spent years developing a formula that not only covered every nutrient we wanted it to cover (and then some), but something that also tasted spectacular.

We don’t envision our product as “just another vitamin” on the shelf, trying to lure you in with false claims and fancy colors. We don’t even consider it to be competition. 24 Hour Health is unlike anything on the market. This is a completely different and unique product to cover all of your vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids in a highly absorbable liquid blend that can be taken by anyone (ages 12+) at any time. People don’t have to worry about swallowing pills, or about getting an upset stomach. You can take 24 Hour Health during or after a meal or just take it as a snack.



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What are our goals as a company?

We have huge goals for our product and how we can provide the quality supplementation for the health of people around the world. We are passionate about others living life to the fullest, which starts with wellness created from the inside out.

We are partnered with Convoy of Hope, a faith-based, non-profit organization with a driving passion to feed/supplement the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches and disaster response. With every purchase, you make with 24 Hour Health, we will donate 10% to this fantastic cause.

This might be a product, but to us it is a movement – Join the Vitamin Revolution™ with us as we take over the Vitamin World and improve the lives of millions across the planet.